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Department of Chemical & Process Engineering

University of Moratuwa

The department is immensely proud of having a well qualified and dynamic group of academics, well capable of ‘passing the torch’ so to speak. Having earned a good degree of recognition among the academic community for their contributions towards the betterment of the field, as educators of the chemical and process engineering discipline, they are easily approachable and are ever willing to address student issues, whatever they may be.

Head of the Department

Dr. Gunawardena S. H. P.

Sanja joined the department in 2000. She teaches biochemical engineering and related subjects and her research interests are in the areas of bio fuels and composting of solid waste.Read More


De Alwis A. A. P.

Ajith joined the department in 1985 and was the Head of the Department from 2004- 2007. His research areas are on triple bottom line approach for the Chemical & Process industry, integrated solid waste management, anaerobic digestion systems, ICT in solid and hazardous waste management and process industry developments in Sri Lanka.Read more


Amarasinghe B. M. W. P. K.

Padma Amarasinghe joined the department in 1984. She is involved in teaching Unit Operations and Particle Technology. She has served as the Head of the Department from 2001 to 2004. She has current research interests in Particle Technology and applications in environmental pollution control, Equilibrium and kinetic characterization of adsorbents and process development, Rice bran stabilization, optimization of oil extraction and process equipment design and Fluidized bed and spouted bed technology for drying. Read More


Perera S. A. S.

Anul has been serving the department since 1981 after working at National Salt Corporation. He was the Head of Department during the years 1998-2001. His interest in research cover such wide field as sea water and salt based products, soaps and detergents, paints and coatings, waterproofing, waste water treatment, urban solid waste disposal and chemical recovery from rice straw black liquor.Read More


Dr. Premachandra B. A. J. K.

Jagath has been with the department since 2000 and was the Head of the Department from 2007- 2010 . He teaches polymer and chemistry related subjects. His research interests span from polymer composites to biodegradable polymeric materials and also on structure- property relationship of polymeric materials.Read more


Dr. Rathnasiri P. G.

Rathnasiri joined the department in 1993 and obtained his PhD from Norwagean University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway. He holds an international award for Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)Technologies. In 2012, Rathnasiri followed a postdoctoral fellwoship on bio hydrogen production at Center of Walloon Biological Industry, Liege, Belgium.   He currently conducts lectures on process modeling and simulation, biological process modeling, bio renewables and process synthesis.Read More


Senior Lecturer Grade I

Dr. Amarasinghe A.D.U.S

Shantha has been with the department since 1993 and is the former Head of the Department. His research interests are in the areas of rheological analysis of suspensions, extraction of natural oils and statistical process control. He teaches fluid mechanics and energy engineering related subjects.Read more

Senior Lecturer Grade I

Dr. Egodage S. M.

Shantha joined the department in 1993. She lectures in polymer related subjects, process engineering design and fuels and lubricants. Her research focuses on rubber technology and devulcanization of waste rubber.Read More

Senior Lecturer Grade I

Dr. Gunasekera M. Y.

Manisha joined the department in 1996. She teaches Reactor Engineering and subjects in Environmental Engineering. Her research interests include environmental friendliness of chemical process plants and accident hazard in the process industry.Read More

Senior Lecturer Grade I

Dr. Gunapala O.

Olga joined the department in 1998 after working as technologist at a rubber processing factory in Moscow. She teaches polymer engineering, equipment design and process control. Her research interests are in the areas of car tire and equipment designing.Read More

Senior Lecturer Grade I

Dr. Walpolage S.

Shantha joined the department in 1992. He holds two UK patents for his research work on pervaporation. He teaches heat and mass transfer and polymer related subjects. He investigates into the physicochemical properties and allergic reactions related to rubber latex.Read More

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Senior Lecturer Grade II

Dr. Narayana M.

Mahinsasa joined the department in 2012. His research interests are in the areas of renewable energy and process controls. He teaches process controls, process modeling and simulation and energy engineering related subjects. He has more than 17 years research and industrial experiences in energy related fields.Read More


Senior Lecturer Grade II 

Dr. (Mrs.) Thilini Ariyadasa

Thilini joined the department in September 2013. Her Research Interests are Food and Industrial Biotechnology, Recombinant DNA Technology, Industrial Microbiology, Biomass processing and Bio-Energy.Read More


Senior Lecturer Grade I (contract) 

Mr. Tissa Dodangoda

Possess 20 years of experience in the oil and Gas sector in Sri Lanka and overseas and in both upstream and sown stream sectors.Expertise is in the areas of Refinery Processing, Gas Processing, Energy Engineering and Process Safety 


Senior Lecturer Grade II (contract) 

Dr. R. M. D. S Gunarathne

B.Sc. Eng. (Moratuwa) M.Sc. (KTH, Sweden)Ph.D. (KTH, Sweden) ;


Lecturer (Probationary) (On Study Leave)

Mr. Malinga R.M.C.

Charith started his work in the department in December 2011. He does his current research work in the areas of Process Modelling and Simulation, Process Control, Reaction Engineering & Catalysis and Coating Technology.Read More

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Lecturer (Probationary) (On Study Leave)

Mr. Rathnayake H.H.M.P.

Mahinsasa joined the department in May 2013. His research interests are Process Simulation, CO2 Capture & Toxic Gases Capture, Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA), and Chemical Process Plant Equipment Design. He has three years of industrial experiences in the Sri Lankan Process Industry before joining academia. more


Lecturer (Probationary)

Mrs. Jayangi Wagaarachchige.


Read More



Lecturer (Probationary

(Mr.) P.W Vidanage


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Lecturer (Probationary

(Ms.) K.W.P.M Kothalawala


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Lecturer (Probationary

(Ms.) G.N Maheshilka


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Lecturer (Probationary

(Mr.) U.P.L Wijayarathne


Uditha joined the department in March 2014. His research interests are Mathematical modelling of mass transfer operations, Modelling and simulation of reactor kinetics, Nuclear Engineering and Material development for catalysts.Read More


Lecturer (Contract) 

(Mr.) W. A. R. Jayarathna


Rasika joined the department in November 2016. His research interests are chemical kinetics and reactor engineering; and Process modelling and simulation.