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Department of Chemical & Process Engineering

University of Moratuwa

PGD UI is an annual event held by the Department of Chemical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia, which accommodates the students in terms of knowledge of energy, process engineering, and its relation of economic development (Website:

Four final year students from the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Moratuwa took part in this year’s competition which was held from 15-17th March 2018 at Indonesia. They participated in two categories.

3rd Petroleum Integrated Smart Competition (Petronation) matches University best delegation teams against one another in a fast–paced quiz competition covering technical and non-technical aspects of the oil and gas industry. The team comprising of Yasas Wishvajith (Team Leader), Malsha Samarasiri, and Chamodya Perera was able to bring honour to Sri Lanka by making their way to the semi-finals from 19 teams hailing from different countries and being placed 4th.

International Student Energy Student Energy Model United Nations is a three-day United Nations simulation for university students globally. This conference brings together young leaders from different parts of the world to a common platform in order to discuss imperative global issues and provide innovative solutions. Manisha Abesekara received verbal commendation for her performance at the conference.StudentAchievement March2018 3